What is WWSA?

The Town of Wilton Water & Sewer Authority (WWSA) is a public benefit Corporation established in 1991. The Authority consists of five members, who were originally appointed by the Town Board of Wilton.

The Town of Wilton's accountability for the Authority does not extend beyond making appointments.The WWSA leases office space from the Town of Wilton at 20 Traver Road in the Town Hall Annex but is not a branch of the Town of Wilton's governing body.

The WWSA's rates and charges are independently set by the WWSA and are not subject to review, regulation or approval by any federal, state or local governmental agency or body.

The WWSA currently operates three water supply facilities, the Fairways Water Plant located near McGregor Country Club, the Mulberry Water Plant located in the Mulberry Estates subdivision and the Jones Road Water Plant. All three water supply facilities are supplied from deep groundwater wells. In an effort to supply customers with the safest water possible the WWSA chlorinates the water supplies for disinfections of potential virus and bacteria. WWSA does not fluorinate the water supplies. To ensure the reliability of service the WWSA utilizes natural gas driven power generators at the water plants to allow for uninterrupted service during sustained power outages. The WWSA currently serves approximately 2,336 customers.

The sewer operations of the WWSA consist of the operation and maintenance of a sanitary sewer collection system owned by the WWSA. Sewage from this collection system is discharged into the Saratoga County Sewer District #1 system. The Saratoga County Sewer District #1 accepts this sewage, for treatment and discharge at their sanitary sewer treatment plant in Mechanicville.