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Remote Reader Replacement

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Wilton Water and Sewer Authority will be replacing all the remote meter readers on the outside of every home and business in the town. A technician will be on your property for about 10 minutes and no action is required on your part.

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WWSA employees do not ask to get into homes without an appointment! If someone claiming to be a WWSA employee is asking to get into your home without an appointment DO NOT LET THEM IN and call 911 to report the incident.

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Important Grinder Pump Information During a Power Outage

This is important information regarding sewer service during power outages. IN THE EVENT OF A POWER OUTAGE YOU SHOULD NOT USE ANY WATER IN YOUR HOME. The WWSA utilizes power generators for the water system to provide uninterrupted water service. However, the sewage grinder pump at your home will not have power to discharge any water during a power outage. If you use water during a power outage the sewage may backup into your home. Thank you.

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Dishes not as clean as they once were?

The cause of this is not the water. The cause is a new government regulation that went into effect July 1, 2010. This new Law limits the use of phosphates in dish washer detergent to .5% from an industry average of 7%. Phosphates ensure several functions in dishwasher detergents, necessary to ensure effective cleaning. Phosphates essentially soften the effects of "hard" water, combining with the minerals in it, mostly calcium and magnesium, thereby eliminating the spots and film on dishes that can form when the minerals and food bits combine during the wash. Phosphates also make the water's pH more alkaline, which helps in food-bit removal.

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Wet Basements - Who’s at Fault

Hanson Van Vleet, LLC has been asked by the Town of Wilton to provide information to the Town residents regarding the high water table conditions that have been impacting resident’s basements throughout the Town. Hanson Van Vleet, LLC is a geologic and hydrogeologic consulting firm, specializing in groundwater and water supply services, including; dewatering, groundwater supply, groundwater resource exploration and development, aquifer evaluations, water well design and construction and well field management services. We have extensive experience in the geology and hydrogeology of eastern New York State and specifically the Town of Wilton.

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